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New Bedford Fur Sewing Machine Thread

New Bedford Thread Waxed Skeins

Cotton Hand Sewing Thread

Silk Thread on Spool

Bonded Nylon Thread

Harmony Mercerized Thread

                                                                                        NEEDLES & PINS

Bundling Needles

John James Glovers Needles

Blindstitch and Singer Needles

Bonis System 292A Needles

Schmetz System 292 Needles

Safety Pins

T Pins

Dressmaker Pins

Bank Pins

Dorcas Dressmaker Pins

                                                                                        FURRIER TOOLS

Furrier Tweezer

Curved Tweezer

Nailing Pliers

Skin Stretcher

Brass Roller

H.K. Knife

Long Reach Stapler

Polar Bear Blades


Pattern Punch

Pattern Hooks

Round Rake

Hair Guider

Ormo Blades

Arrow Standard Staple

Abzweg Staple Remover

Double Comb

Extra Fine Mink Comb

Mink Comb

Half and Half Comb

Comb with Wooden Handle

Belt Plier

Pattern Tracer

Skin Opener

Skin Ring

Sold Steel Knife

Hot Tape


Hook and Loop Fastener

Teflon Iron Shoe

Hem Clip

Tape Measure

                                                                                         TAPES & RIBBONS

Hot Tape

Cold Cloth

Cold Tape

Fur Binder

Velvet Ribbon

Bias Tape

Flat Elastic

Hug Snug Seambinding

Leather Stripping

American Wire Tape

European Wire Tape

                                                                   CHEMICALS & CLEANING COMPOUND



Para Nuggets


Teintspray Color Chart

Tipping Dye

Linit Starch

PCO Fogger

Afta Cleaning Fluid

Sobo Glue

Tannery Leather Cleaner

Garde Rain & Stain Repellant


Gnome Color Chart

Magna Tac 809


Glazing Brush

Moth Traps


Coarse Corncob

Fine Corncob

Fine / Coarse Corncob

Dalo Marker

Designer Graphic Ruler

Dixon Tailor Crayons


Silver Gel Pen

Solid Steel Knife


                                                                                       SHOULDER PADS

SB 113 - 1/2''

SB 108 - 1/4''

SR 121 RL

SB 125 - 1''

SB 7220

SB 7221

SB 846T

SB 5


Advance Style Plastic Storage Hangers

Storage Hanger